SwitchNAP Las Vegas Datacenter (Super NAP7)

Company Profile

SwitchNAP Las Vegas Datacenter (Super NAP7) is located at 4495 E. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 89104. Contact the SwitchNAP Las Vegas Datacenter (Super NAP7) by calling (877) 406-2248.



Switch Communication Group currently operates 6 NAP-IX data centers. All data centers are connected diversely and redundantly by Switch owned fiber. Every data center has multiple pathways to the other data centers to take advantage of a broad blend of five Internet transit providers. This design succeeds in being dynamic, robust, and diverse. Customers who colocate in one of the NevadaNAPs are provided a number of different options for Internet connectivity. These range from single drops, to multiple redundant drops. Redundancy to the customer is provided either by BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) or HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol).

Available Services

Content Delivery
Data Storage
Dedicated Servers
Disaster Recovery
Managed Hosting


  • 407,000 square feet of Data Center space
  • 100 MVA power capacity
  • 146 MVA of generator capacity
  • 84 MVA of UPS supply
  • 44,000 tons of system plus system cooling
  • 5,400,000 CFM
  • 30 cooling towers
  • 100% heat containment using thermal-scif™
  • T-scif™ designed for 1500 watts per sq. ft. density
  • 7000+ cabinets
  • Armed 24/7/365 military trained Switch
  • employed security staff
  • 500,000 square feet of on-net office space

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