CenturyLink Helps Cloud Foundry Reach PaaS Success

CenturyLink's Savvis recently partnered up to help Cloud Foundry succeed with its PaaS for enterprise.

CenturyLink’s Savvis recently partnered up to help Cloud Foundry succeed with its PaaS for enterprise.

After recognizing just how deep “developer love” for platform-as-a-service offerings runs, Cloud Foundry decided it may need some help establishing itself as a cloud PaaS provider among enterprises. CenturyLink is the latest party to participate in this venture, presumably a wise choice for Cloud Foundry since CenturyLink recently entered the PaaS market with the acquisition of AppFog by its data center and cloud services subsidiary Savvis, according to a June report from FierceTelecom.

“Combining AppFog’s market-leading Platform-as-a-Service capabilities with Savvis’ industry-leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud services and CenturyLink’s global network will enable developers to securely and reliably operate and connect the applications they build and deploy,” Jeff Von Deylen, president of CenturyLink’s Savvis organization, said in a release in regard to the acquisition of AppFog.

FierceTelecom also explained that as Savvis’ data centers base continues to grow, expanded PaaS offerings should help add to this momentum and boost profit margins. In a recent GigaOM article, contributor Barb Darrow explained that Cloud Foundry knows how developers love PaaS, as such services provide a convenient environment to build applications. However, because some of the big players in this area often bring development in-house, the company also observed a need to gain third-party support for their PaaS initiative.

James Watters, Cloud Foundry’s head of product development, told the source that earlier frustrations with a lack of visibility over the Cloud Foundry code led to the decision to open up the process and allow all parties a voice in the architectural process. Speaking in regard to this move toward open source, Lucas Carlson, vice president of cloud evangelism for CenturyLink, expressed that he was particularly happy about Cloud Foundry’s decision to give key customers and company stakeholders a say. Carlson also noted that many big-name companies are noticing Cloud Foundry’s PaaS developments. Joining CenturyLink and Savvis cloud business is IBM as well as a massive investment of $105 million in Cloud Foundry’s Pivotal by industry giant General Electric.